A year of filmmaking.

Since many new friends and acquaintances of mine don't speak dutch i will write in English from now on.

Already a year past since my last blog post. My photojournal has been kept up to date but the time is ripe for a literary update.

Gelukkig nieuwjaar !

The Year began with a dip in activity. With the lack of work to be done i traveled a bit instead. I visited a beautiful old friend in Lativia. It was by far the most east i have traveled yet and was pleasantly surprised by the country and it's people.

Roma - Vaticano
Roma - Laocoön

On my return it didn't take long for me to fly off again. In februari i had the joy of traveling with Amanda to sunny Italy. It was the second time i visited Rome but this time it made a lasting impression on me. It's a city of pure beauty. For people whom are passionate about history and art (and food omg) its perfect in every way. I watched La Grande Bellezza with tears in my eyes when i was once again in Belgium.

By this time work was flowing back in and i was gaffer on nine short movies during a few hectic months.
It was fun to learn how to lead a department and a joy to work with such great directors of photography and assistants. Quite a few of the directors managed to make a good film but i haven't got many trailers to show yet. I'll post them along the next months when they come out.

My friends Sophie Kurpershoek and Xavier Van D'huynslager both finished their bachelors with beautiful films. My next posts will be handling them each in depth. The next two pictures are a behind the scenes and a film still from Xavier's Ordinary Landscapes and the teaser is from Sophie's Infite Drift.

Teaser Infinite Drift from Sophie Kurpershoek on Vimeo.

A short film by Sophie Kurpershoek.
Music by r.m. ʝ〜ʎ (https://soundcloud.com/r-m-4)

As every year i also went to FEST this june. I met a lot of people and saw many great speakers, i wont be going into too much detail for now, perhaps i'll make a report of it later but my agenda is quite busy so we'll see. 

At this moment i'm writing before leaving for an other day on the set of Kattenoog, an upcoming series by the talented Douglas Boswell. We had a press day yesterday so now i'm allowed to post some pictures of the set online, yay!

 It's the first production for Het Konijn and it seems they wanted to start at the top because the images are stunning. Its a spooky series for children and even though i'm probably a bit older than the target audience i'll be watching it for sure later this year. It's looking up to be a thrilling adventure!

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